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Central Mica proudly sponsors CMR school programmes

Central Mica is giving back to the community – and has been happy to do so for the past 14 years! Children around Central Mica are covered once again for emergency medical events on school property. 

Central Mica will continue to sponsor the Central Mica Hardware & CMR schools programme this year. We are glad to be able to relieve 22 local school’s governing bodies and staff, 13 000 students, and 25 000 parents at work and at home with this programme – ensuring safety at school.

This is a programme that is very close to our hearts and is critical for our community. In day-to-day play and sport, children unfortunately get injured, sometimes seriously. The thought of having to cope with a seriously injured child on a school’s property without any external or professional assistance or available financial resources is too scary to contemplate. While a few schools we cover might be able to find the money for emergency medical costs, we know that most would not, and would then have to rely purely on their staff to assist.

The programme provides cover by Cape Medical Response for a paramedic response services for any emergency medical situation for all learners and staff while they are on school property.

We are happy to be able to contribute towards the CMR’s services and ensuring that there are highly trained paramedics on call 24/7.

The Central Mica Hardware & CMR school’s programme is certainly a remarkable partnership both in its longevity and its commitment to the local community.